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 Grey Borders has created the Hearthside Hearings as a way for authors to fully and freely express themselves through a given medium. In this case, an uncensored, unconfined amount of time and artistic leeway.
No "host" to dictate the way you read. Essentially, you are the host. We host you for the evening. You host the reading.  Our goal is to make you, the artist, feel as though you have conveyed your words, thoughts and ideas, without any imposing ideas, format constraints or time-limits.

Time, length of broadcast and subject matter are your choice alone. Sit, stand, lay on the floor, shout from the balcony or whisper into the camera. The Hearthside Hearings are here for you to express yourself, however that may be.

Broadcasts are taped live and posted to YouTube for posterity.

To participate as a artist or as an audience member (seating is VERY limited), contact us at editors@greyborders.com


Gregory Betts and Stephen Cain

Angela Hibbs

Catherine Owen

Mingus Tourette

Ian Williams

Terry Trowbridge

Jade Alyssa

Gary Barwin

Pamela Porter

Thomas Armstrong

Garry Gottfriedson

David Beasley

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